…conceptualized and developed to help people take a break from their busy routines to a place where they can unwind and see the beautiful side of life through the means of arts and creativity.

The Nigerian Observer’s Saturday encounter with Chikancy revealed that Laughing Ovation with Bishop Chikancy is a complete entertainment show that presents decent comedy, music, dance and stage drama that can be enjoyed by the entire family, friends and loved ones (old and young).

“Its content is void of such negative effects, and this is because we believe that people can be entertained without losing the sanity and sanctity of their minds by means of vulgar words heard, obscene pictures seen, and negative perceptions conceived”, said Chikancy during Saturday’s exclusive interview with The Nigerian Observer.

Recently, on Laughing Ovation with Chikancy was a Comedy Show that featured Stage Drama, Music, Dance and Spoken Word.

The Nigerian Observer promises her esteemed audience of an unending times of laughter and renewed joy with Chikancy’s Laughing Oviation.