In recent times, several deaths from home accidents in Nigeria have called for extra safety precautions, especially in and around home conveniences.

To many, these deaths are avoidable, particularly in our homes and the most concentrated part of the house – bathroom, kitchen, staircase, and where there are marbles and tiles. Moist areas with tiles like the bathroom should be given extra care because these parts are hardly dry and any mistake or slight error can lead to danger; falls, sprains, and other injuries, even death. If tiling or marbling or any type of decoration wants to be done to these areas, the product and materials used should be friction-aiding.

However, some say what is destined to happen will happen but who knows what prior precautions could have been taken to prevent it as seen in the case of Nollywood actor, Maroof Afolabi, a popular Yoruba artist, whose sudden death has brought despair to the public, especially among Yoruba Nollywood lovers. The 49-year-old actor, popularly known as Murphy Afolabi, passed on to the way beyond on Sunday, May 14, 2023, in his residence from a home accident where it was reported he slipped and fell in the bathroom in his home in Ikorodu, Lagos State, sustaining some degree of injuries in his head. Unfortunately, all efforts made to rescue him proved futile as he could not survive the incident.

Sadly enough, the deceased just celebrated his 49th birthday on May 5 and died nine days later. He was born in 1974 and hailed from Oroki Asala in Osogbo, Osun State. He was one of seven children from a polygamous home.

He is known to be a full-action actor from his past works and made fun of by all and sundry because of the influence of his dialect in his speech, especially when speaking the English language. Many commentators, before now, believe he was not educated because of his irreversible dialect in his speech, particularly when he pronounced English words; however, he attended Osun State Polytechnic in Iree, where he got a National Diploma degree in Theatre Arts and Film Production in 2001.

He was a successful actor with net worth of about $400,000, winning several awards of recognition in the Yoruba movie industry, among was the Best Actor in a leading role at the Best Nollywood Awards in 2012.

Murphy slipped and fell in his bathroom at the early hours of Sunday, leading to his death. Detail information surrounding his death has not been given beyond this, but as a Muslim, he had been buried in his hometown, Osogbo, accordance to his religion’s tradition.

The actor, who is said to be a private person, kept his personal and family life away from social media. He was married with three children – two sons and a daughter.