…as SSEB secretary hails Edo State Government for education reforms

Board secretary, State Secondary Education Board(SSEB), Osawe Osagie, attributed the performance, tenacity and rebound to academic excellence by students of public schools as consequential and resultant effects of the reforms and policies put in place by the Edo State Government, led by Godwin Obaseki.

Taking this stand during the Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria (CIIN) organized “Secondary schools quiz competition 6.0 at the Imaguero School Hall, Benin City yesterday, the education board secretary stated that due to the testament of Edo Best 2.0, an initiative which made the learning process seamless in the state, Eyean Secondary School, located in Uhunmwonde Local Government, a suburb, could stand shoulder to shoulder with urban schools in Benin City and emerge champions in a keenly contested competition.

He appreciated CIIN for the quiz competition which he noted was a step in the right direction in boosting the self-confidence of participants, backed by the reward system of winning prizes for both themselves and their individual schools.

President/Chairman of Council and chief host of the CIIN Secondary Schools Competition, Edwin Igbiti while appreciating the state government and the education ministry for support for the competition, nonetheless stressed that every participant was a winner.

He maintained that apart from the frills and thrills of the competition, the quiz session aimed to create insurance awareness in secondary schools to educate and inform young people about the importance of insurance in our lives.

He stated, “We are all exposed to accidents, damage to properties, illness or even death. Insurance is a mechanism that helps us to manage this risk; providing a safety net in the event where the worst has happened. This competition has been designed by the CIIN to help our young people understand the role of insurance in society and how to impact on our lives.

“By participating, students will learn about life’s events. This competition helps the youths to engage the world around them and explore concepts. They develop important life skills such as team work, critical thinking, and public speaking. Insurance is a way of life. It is when insurance grows in this country that the economy will grow. Insurance has come to stay in this country. I encourage our youths to adopt this concept. It is only when we keep thinking in this way that the economy will grow.”

Igbiti said he got hope based on the response from students during the quiz competition which showed they are getting to know the principle and concept of insurance which is an integral part of the economy which he said allows the country to grow. This knowledge, he said, will make the business man do his business and not worry about the risk.

Reacting to the issue raised of a lack of trust and resort to self-insurance by individuals, by the Nigerian Observer Newspaper, the chairman clarified, “The basic principle of insurance is that of utmost good faith. There must be trust in an underwriter. The issue of trust came about because of the failures of some insurance companies and also, the public not being aware of the risk they are shouldering.

“With the coming together of all insurance companies now, we are closing that gap of trust. The regulator is at the back of every underwriter to respond to claims. What we are selling is claims; our ability to pay claims when due is what brings about the awareness and confidence to the public. That is what we plead for. We are a reflection of society. We believe that trust element will be covered very soon.”

At the end of the competition, a participant, Aisagbonrioba Emmanuel from Niger College said he felt elated by the outcome of his school in the competition even when this was the first time he is representing his school. He said his parents would be mightily proud of him. He advocated for the continuance of the competition to shore up the knowledge base of students.

On the other hand, Moses Idahosa of Western Boys High School said he was excited about the competition while expressing gratitude to the organizers. He said the competition increased the intelligence quotient of students. Based on received knowledge, he revealed that he would like to be an insurance broker in the future. An elated Woghiren Blessed of Eyean Secondary School gave all praise to God for coming out top in the quiz competition.
The quiz competition which had ten schools in attendance witnessed the emergence of representatives of Eyean Secondary School taking the first position at the end of three rounds with a total score of 48 points.

Niger College Benin City garnered 44 points to take second position. Idia College Benin took the third position with 42 points. Fourth position went to Army Day Secondary School, Isihor with 39 points.

Samuel Ogbemudia Girls College came fifth with 37 points. They had a tie with Edo Boys High School at 37 points. Seventh position went to Western Boys High School with 36 points and Itohan Girls Grammar School emerged eighth position with 35 points. Egor Secondary School took ninth with 24 points while Edo College Benin with 19 points snatched the tenth position.