Following the passage of the Bill for Retirement Age of Teachers in the state, Kogi State is now in the process of approving 65 years as the retirement age for teachers in the state employ.

The state’s House of Assembly on Thursday, passed the Bill on Retirement Age of Teachers in Kogi State and for Related Matters Bill, 2022. The Bill is now on the table of Governor Yahaya Bello for assent.

With the passage of the Bill, teachers in the state will now retire upon attainment of 65 years or 40 years of pensionable service, whichever comes earlier.

“The Public Service Rule or any legislation that requires a person to retire from the public service at 60 years of age or after 35 years of service shall not apply to teachers in Kogi from the date of commencement of this law,’’ Speaker of the House, Matthew Kolawale said on Thursday.