Reactions have trailed the action of a lecturer in the Abia State University who proposed to his fiancee, said to be a student of the Department of Optometry in the university, in the classroom in the midst of her fellow students on Valentine’s Day, Wednesday, February 14, 2024.

The incident was captured in a video posted by @CableLifestyle on X on Thursday with the title “EXTRA: ABSU lecturer kneels in class to propose to student on Valentine’s Day”.

In the video, the lecturer, identified as Anucha Wisdom, is seen kneeling before the girl and proposing to her amid excitement and deafening cheering from the girl’s course mates.

Lover boy Wisdom goes down on one knee with a ring in his hand as he proposes to his lover, with screams of encouragement and applause from her course mates. The shy young woman, full of smiles, nods in affirmation to Wisdom’s marriage proposal.

Posting pictures of the beautiful moments on Facebook, one Possible Nwaohamuo wrote: “What a memorable Valentine’s Day! My boss, Anucha Wisdom, proposed to his fiancee!

“Note he didn’t just find love outside his terrine but inside his territory! Lecturer and student love! Congratulations boss. Let the count down begin.

“But imagine how Optometry babe make my boss kneel down! Ije kena ndi kwa Ike oh!”

Also sharing a video and pictures from the proposal, another Facebook user, Noble Ugo Anucha, wrote; “Hearty Congrats Dedem Anucha Wisdom.

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“Dee Law and Daa Ngo is happily happy about this move. We have a wedding to plan. It is all to the glory of God.”

Netizens have since been reacting to the video posted by @CableLifestyle on X, with many condemning the action of the lecturer.

“Strange stuff… weird stuff. The school management should have something to say about this,” Epic Cycl (@epiccycl) said.

Ejetavwo B (@EjetavwoB) wrote, “This is absolutely wrong. The university Mgt must call the lecturer to order.”

LBB_ii (@burrrhannnn) said, “I hand her over to jago of thaiwan.”

Aguba ndi Eze 1 (@KenEke20) wrote, “This is not right but passing six can never be passing sense.”

Onye ji igu (@IrohUzoigwe) said, “This is all shades of wrong. This lecturer needs to be sanctioned.”

However, OIL MINISTER (@Dyko_tomy) was of a different opinion, saying, “All this negative comments here I don’t understand, so make person no marry who he or she likes all in the name of been a lecturer?”