“The present mafia does not believe in ideological development of Nigeria or genuine democracy. All they are interested in is profit; primitive accumulation of capital. Therefore, their continuous dominance means continuous dubious external initiated punitive reforms and enslavement of Nigerians’’-Quoted in Nowinta’s book: WHERE WE ARE (page 139)
The self acclaimed present ‘owners of Nigeria ’ have succeeded in pushing the presidential election of 2015  out of the romantic St Valentine Day .On Valentine Day, early in the morning, my son woke up and came to meet me and said :‘‘Daddy, today Nigeria would have had her presidential election’’.
I said to him that: ‘’Well, those who are afraid of 2015 elections have only succeeded in postponing the inevitable, but surely they can never shift the handing over date of May 29th 2015’’
Then James Hadley Chase, one of the greatest fiction writers United States has produced came to my mind, precisely his book’: THE GUILTY ARE AFRAID’
The fact of the matter is that by May 29th 2015, either Goodluck Jonathan or Muhammadu Buhari will swear allegiance to uphold the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as Nigeria’s newest president, except the unforeseen happens
What is the problem with the Permanent Voter Card (PVC), why are some people still clamouring or orchestrating that the Temporal Voter Card (TVC) should still be used for next general election in Nigeria? In all honesty, Professor Attahiru Jega and his team at the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) should be applauded for introducing the PVC at this crucial point in time
Despite the logistical barriers militating against availability of PVC in some arears across the country, it is my avowed position that come what may, the PVC must be used for the next general election.
We have had a lot of furious fraudulent elections in this country, the resultant effect of this terrible stain  in our electoral history has been the influx of men of low mentality and deficient competence riding roughshod over us since 1999 as ‘representatives’ of our people. Under no circumstance from the National Assembly or from any carrier of cabalistic carrot must Professor Jega bow to any pressure to dump the PVC for the TVC. Under no whatever guise must INEC Boss, Jega, be browbeaten or blackmailed to throw in the towel before the presidential election, as some dubious and eternally pseudo politicians are already chorusing in some quarters.
Professor Jega must be strengthened and supported by the civil society organisations and all men of good will to conduct this election before the expiration of his tenure in June 2015.Those who are yet to access their PVC, even in the face of spirited efforts being made by INEC officials across the country might have engaged in some hanky panky or double registration that is preventing them from coming forward to collect their PVC.
And come to think of it, it is not all eligible voters, even with PVC that will eventually make themselves available to cast their votes on Election Day. On this note, give or take, all eligible voters should troop out to the polling stations to elect our next president
Recently, I was reading about some unscrupulous politicians speaking vehemently about the Card Readers that will authenticate the PVC on Election Day. Now, what is the problem with the Card Readers? In order to discourage those habitual election riggers from their flourishing business, all of us must stand shoulder to shoulder with Professor Jega as he puts his acts together for the general elections. Some desperate politicians are even said to be buying PVC for use on Election Day. We are waiting to see how they will use the ‘acquired PVCs’ on Election Day.
Now, the can of worms concerning how Governor Ayo Fayose connived with some individuals and used the military to rig the June 21st 2014 Ekiti State Governorship Election has bursted open. Thank God that the facts are now filtering out, because I am still at a loss how ex-Governor Kayode Fayemi lost so mysteriously and hugely  to Ayo Fayose, despite his sophisticated and astounding performance in office .
Even as the Court of Appeal hearing the petitions of Kayode Fayemi and the All Progressive Congress (APC) about the eligibility of Ayo Fayose to contest the last Governorship election will soon make it verdict known, we must commend Sahara Reporters and all those who courageously exposed Governor Fayose and his stage managed electoral victory in Ekiti State.
Those who are recklessly and stridently castigating or throwing malicious pebbles of different dimensions at Professor Attahiru Jega are simply guilty and afraid of the presidential elections and other elections in 2015.They are guilty because they have something up their sleeves to manipulate as it used to be before, to have their ‘moon or landslide’ victory. Most politicians are simply not popular in our clime; that is why they are afraid and guilty at the same time!
Unlike in 2007,when the powers that be were at infinite ease with Professor Maurice Iwu, because he had mortgaged his conscience to rig the general elections for General Obasanjo and co travellers. But today the scenario is even different from 2011 presidential election, when universal goodwill automatically enabled Dr Jonathan to win. Now the powers that be are  no longer at ease with Professor Jega as the electoral umpire for the 2011 general elections because  things are no longer at ease; the guilty are afraid of this all important election. Let us try the PVC now and be absolutely vigilant at the polling booths; next time we will graduate to digital voting. Change is a fundamental necessity!

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