Modern medicine is just now on the verge of discovering a unified field that is the deepest level of nature ancient cultures have been aware of this dynamic field for thousands of years. It is considered to be the unexpressed wellspring of intelligence within nature that nourishes and fortifies the infinite diversity expressed in life.
All the laws of nature are contained within this unified field in their seed form. As these impulses of nature flower from their seed form, the intelligence or mind of nature becomes expressed in the growth and evolution of every living structure. The life cycle of every plant is governed by these fundamental forces of nature which have been identified by ancient systems of medicine as earth, air, fire and water.
These building blocks of nature have been recognized respectively by modern chemistry as carbon, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen. It is through the influence and interaction of these “building blocks” with the plant, that the unexpressed rule intelligence of nature is actually metabolized by the tissues and cells of the plant. The mechanise of these are nothing short of amazing.
When a seed changes from its dormant phase to its growth of nature within the seed structures, the correct balance of earth, air, fire and water and orchestrates every phase of development of the plant. Through the process of natural selection, the plant organizes the various elemental substances in the soil as well as, the elemental values or building blocks of nature into the structure.  This is the organsing power of nature art work.
When the human physiology metabolizes a plant remedy. It actually metabolizes the organizing power of nature which the plant has transmitted into material form. In this simple way, the human physiology responds to and is governed by the physiology of nature, resulting in the harmonizing of the body and mind of human life with the body and mind of nature.
The specific value of intelligence and order, that is expressed into the cells of the physiology.
Plants and Holistic Medicine
Every culture has a history of using plant for healing. At the turn of the century, pharmaceutical practices provide techniques for standardizing and purifying medicines by isolating active constitutional from plants. In today’s allopathic medicine, most remedies are synthetic preparations devoid of any life promoting vital energies.
Traditional herbal medicine has revealed a deep wisdom that modern medicine is just beginning to appreciate. In today’s herbal pharmaceutical practices, it is well known that every plant requires specific extraction methods to yield the strongest and most remedy. For example, some plants are best prepared by boiling for several hours, while others are best prepared by infusing into cold water. Some plants require fermentation, while others need acidifying. Some are extracted in oil, while others are best extracted in pure grain alcohol.
Traditional practices and modern research guide us in the proper methods of preparing plant remedies. The art of preparing a plant remedy lies in knowing about and working with the mind and the body of the plant to bring forth its healing virtues.

The value of plants in health and healing
The metabolism of nature’s intelligence by human physiology takes place on the level of the neutoreceptors. Which serve as link between the body and the environment. The human body has a multitude of neuroreceptors that respond to complementary biological substance found in nature.
Medicinal plants are capable of targeting specific receptors within the body. In this way, the health and balance of the body is restored by the chemistry and organizing power of the plant. Through the plants’ influence, we can greatly enhance our ability to “stitch together” the deliverse fabrics of our physiology into a more unified whole.
In each century since the beginning of the world wonderful things have been discovered. In the last century, more amazing things were found out than in any century before. In this new century, hundreds of things still more astounding will be brought to light. At first people refuse to believe that a strange new thing can be done, then, they begin to hope it can be done, then they see it can be done, then it is done and all the world wonders why it was not done centuries ago.
Only a new seed will yield a new crop. Every now and then, one comes across opportunities to make decision which change the course of one’s life. During this time, we are witnessing a vast change in society’s attitudes and approaches to health and healing. According to up unishads: The essence of all beings is earth. The essence of the earth is water. The essence of water is plants. The essence of plants is the human being.
Compounding Herbs
Herbal compounding is the selection of two or more therapeutic plants combined together to benefit the physiology.
Medicinal plants are compounded to increase therapeutic effectiveness, alter individual actions of herbs and minimize or negate any toxic side effects of unusually strong herbs.
The value of freshness in medicinal Plant Preparations – are only as vital as the plant used to prepare the remedy. An effective herbal extract should capture the essence of nature’s vitality and resemble, the plant in taste, smell and colour.
In order to achieve these results, fresh living plants used for extraction are best. When a plant is still fresh and succulent, its cells are naturally swollen and most capable of releasing their therapeutic qualities into the extraction menstruum.
There are, however, some exceptions to this principle of freshness. Plants that have very strong organic fixed principles, resin, gums and seed, as well as plants  that are, cathartic in their action, must be dried before extraction. In case of cathartic plants, drying and aging the plant renders the activity less irritating.
Plants have personality and individuality, they go through phases and moods just like people. Some times they are active, other times, inactive. It is thought that before a tree is chopped down, it actually experiences fear. Some plants and flowers are more sensitive than others and react to peoples energy and words.
Flowers and plants feel the energy of love and all plants thrive in a calm and happy environment, they especially enjoy music and have varied tastes depending on what species they are, the emotion they release, is dictated by their surroundings. They have aura and react to people’s moods becomings tense if ground loud or erractic energies, they have an awareness and feel empathy.
In Russia, it was published that plants talk, they not only talk, they scream, they stoically bare pain and accept misfortune and so on.
Peace and joy