Former Delta State Nigeria Labour Congress NLC, Chairman and Special Adviser to the past two governors of Delta state, Comrade Mike Okeme has alleged that the Delta state government is recruiting into the civil service without following the guidelines of the civil service commission rules.

The former labour chairman, who spoke to journalists at Asaba, said  the Delta state civil service commission is recruiting in what he described as”backyard recruitment”.

He said a lot of people have been recruited into the civil service from the “backyard” which he noted has never happened in the history of civil service in Nigeria neither in the state.

He said there are rules and regulations that guide the Civil Service Commission (CSC), and these rules are being jettisoned for people they regarded as first class citizens.

He said the chairman of the civil service Commission,  called Mama Government” is the one ravaging the civil service, a nurse heading technocrats is not done anywhere in the country.

He said, Governor Uduaghan administration employed 1000 civil servants into the service in different capacities, and that they have worked for three months without payment when Okowa administration assumed office and their employment were suspended.

He said about 400 out of the 1000 Governor Uduaghan recruited workers were absolved after, while 600 are still at home, and  behind them the government is recruiting from nowhere.

He said in civil service, before government do recruitment, they place advert, saying they came into the civil service through advert from then Bendel state but ” now no interview, you are selected for the prerogative of somebody”.

He said the civil service commission is the builder of ethics, that builds people intelligence and morals.

He urged  the Governor, Senator Dr. Okowa to investigate how people are coming through the “backyard” into the civil service and those that are behind where there are 600 people left employed by Uduaghan administration a year to his exit.

When contacted to react to allegation, the state commissioner for information, Mr. Charle Aniagwu dismissed the allegations saying there is nothing of such going on in the civil service commission.